Whitening Liquid Toothpaste for 360 Toothbrush

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Whitening Liquid Toothpaste Apply to Automatic 360 Electric Toothbrush

  • Target bad breath starts in bacterial overgrowth on your tongue and in your gums, achieve fresher breath and healthier gums! Battles receding gums, bad breath and plaque building up.
  • The power head will foam the toothpaste in the capsule, it will be delivered to the toothpaste head and evenly applied to the surface of the tooth, make brushing more comprehensive.
  • Come with non-leak twist cap. Ergonomic rotate design, just rotate the cap to put out the liquid.
  • Perfect for Anjiela Ultrasonic Automatic Electric Toothbrush, put the liquid into the power head.
  • 90ml toothpaste liquid, large capacity for a long time use.